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The Desi Hip Hop revolution dates back many years when Bhangra music was produced in the UK by the likes of RDB and Dr Zeus with Urban Beats and Emcee's featuring on tracks such as Metz & Trix. Later this trend of Punjabi and sometimes Urdu/Hindi songs were remixed and produced to cater for the youth of Desi's living abroad such as in the UK, USA and Canada.

The music was very popular amongst Desi youth and was enjoyed also back home in Pakistan and India as well as the Middle East and other countries where Desi's live. I remember people of Black and White ethnic groups knowing about Desi songs such as Aja Mahi (RDB ft Metz & Trix) and even singing it knowing the lyrics by heart. This trend and its popularity where highlighted with the massive mainstream hit by Panjabi MC's Mundiyan Tuhn Bachke.

Soon after however the trend of this music turned into more Desi style Bhangra being produced and one of the reasons was that Producers were not allowed to bootleg mainstream beats due to copyright infringement so they had no choice hence it is fair to say that many lacked the talent to produce Urban Beats themselves and relied heavily on mainstream beats. On top of that there was a lack of good Asian MC’s out there, and the ones who were earlier on tracks were not innovative enough and people got fed up by their lame and boring lyrics and delivery. And the songs that were or even perhaps are being produced now are lame boring songs with same old lyrics with the same beats and loops etc etc, that is the reason we have been critisising the UK Bhangra scene for some years now and you can see the Urban style Bhangra is taking over the UK Bhangra now for the past few years and this is what we always have believed UK Bhangra should be about = Urban beats with Punjabi lyrics.

But this was also a time when real talent came to light and a new genre was born called Desi Hip Hop. More and more emcee’s came to light especially from North America who were promising a change as well as innovation in the Urban Desi market, not to mention Bohemia who brought about a revolution in Desi music by inventing a new genre, and today you can see that with the return of RDB who will be featuring the likes of Parichay, J-Hind and Blitzkrieg on their album.

The purpose of this blog is : Promoting talented Urban Desi artists worldwide to a large audience, giving Desi artists one platform to share their music and giving the fans one platform where they can download all the latest tunes.

Invite all your friends and promote Desi Hip Hop, this website is not intended to exploit true talent and artists but rather to promote them. It is the first to release exclusive tunes and give updates for promotional purposes on the whole net and the very last when it comes to exploitation of true talent. People who try and tell me that this site violates copyrights etc can go and fuck off. Free downloads is a way of promotion as well, and artists who want just their tunes to be bought, without real marketing behind it, no videos, no online presence etc, then how do they expect their fan base to increase ? there are 100s of artists out there trying to do it big, and they cannot except every song that gets released to be bought by fans, nobody in the world can buy all these tunes that come out, hence the key is to give away mp3s, let yourselves heard out there, let people enjoy the music.  And if you get lucky or perhaps are really good, your fan base will increase and people who really appreciate your music will support you and buy your music. There is only a handful artists that everyone is really loyal to and buy their stuff of and that’s also how much everyone can afford to support, so don’t hate – appreciate !!!

We aim to release on THE BEST material by any artist out there, we do not favour any particular artist or label, if a album is released by whomever we will only release the best songs from the album, if the album does not have good songs on it, we will not be releasing anything at all. Hence we dont just release anything that comes out, we release only the best !