Sunday, 14 July 2013

Priyanka Chopra - Exotic ft Pitbull

what money can do ey ? no talent no nothing, senseless song, id have more respect for her if she did something with a Desi artists......Bohemia ? Culture Shock ? Outlandish ? Jay Sean ?

already 2 million+ views on YouTube

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  1. Why you so prejudice only biggin up bohemia. Isnt thats racist because you from the same country! What makes you think everyone has to only like bohemia cauz you do? She did a great job with pitbull and she gained more fame in hollywood representing desi with desi tune! Not that everyone gets a chance like that! And I like ur site n all but come down with bohemia! Stop being a hater for once and see how hard it is to be someone like this actors/singer.