Thursday, 27 October 2011

Panchi Vangu

Song Of The Month October 2011 on DesiHipHop4Life
taken from the brand new EP Music N Me Vol 2

from the album Born To Singh, out soon

Bhinda Aujla - Sade Dil ft Lembar Hussainpuri

and if you havent downloaded the exclusive Bohemia song for all the twitter followers of DesiHipHop4Life, get it here

Punjabi Bhangra Avater

Dancing Punjabi Bhangra avater/emotion for msn messenger or whenever you want to use it !
Open in new window/tab to get the white background in the picture !

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bohemia Song

This is a exclusive Bohemia (Banging Bhangra Dance tune by Bohemia - MUST HAVE) song for all the DesiHipHop4Life supporters, the mp3 download is on DesiHipHop4Life Twitter account for the followers ONLY!!! So come and follow ...

Menis - I Don't Really Care

kool production

Garry Sandhu - Din Raat ft Roach Killa

Download the mp3 from here

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mr Capone-E - LA 2 UK

Mr Capone-E reppin the UK - London, Birmingham, Manchester amongst others. The video features the likes of Rishi Rich, Metz n Trix, Imran Khan, Amir Khan (Boxer), Bonafide, Badman and many more.

One interesting thing about this video which strikes me is that few years back not many Desi's knew about Mr Capone-E, but since we introduced him here on DesiHipHop4Life, he did 3 Desi related songs, a anthem for Amir Khan, collaboration with Deen Janjua and now this song, we don't solely take credit because we might be wrong in claiming so, but the facts speak for themselves, and this is the whole purpose of DesiHipHop4Life - bringing together various Urban Desi (BUrban) artists from around the world onto one platform !!!

Wadali Brothers - Mai Taan Pini Aa ft Lakhwinder Wadali

full song from the up and coming album by the Wadali's !

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

< Triumph >

bangin beat !!!

there is no stopping of the Culture Shock crew this year, we rate them as the best Urban Desi act for 2011 already ! much luv n respect for the releases of remixes on Offical YouTube vevo channels of big artists such as Britney, Nicole, Lady Gaga, Alesha Dixon and others...Culture Shock deserves this !!!

Pump Up the Bhangra Yoooo

the Legend Rahat killin it once again for a Geo TV Drama serial

D-Boy productions - nuff said !!!

from the album Subrang

absolutely luv it, even though its just a video conversion of the youtube video by Masha Ali, if someone has this song by any singer, do forward !!! 

no intro or comment needed, Outlandish killin it as always ! luv it !

Punjabi Hit Squad - Soniye 
Exclusive 4 free download only on DesiHipHop4Life FaceBook FanPage.

Bol (2011) - DVDRip

Iman Ali

Download the DVDrip of Bol 2011 with English Subs in MKV format, and single download link only on your favourite Desi download hub - DesiHipHop4Life

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Culture Shock - Till The World Ends (Britney Spears Remix)

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (Culture Shock Remix) Big Up the Culture Shock Crew !!!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

D-Sarb - Dil Tera Jitena ft Pyrelli

JKD - Unleashed (2011)

JKD - Unleashed 2011

01 JKD, Master Saleem – Janeman Tere Bina
02 JKD, Sun.E.D – Mein Mar Jaan
03 JKD – Ali Ali
04 JKD – Sunita (Soni Soni)
05 JKD – Sohniye Mera Dil Tu
06 JKD, Rafaqat Ali Khan – Mil Hi Gaye
07 JKD, Sasha – Geet Yeh Mera
08 JKD – Faryaad
09 JKD – Hamsafar Koi Aisi Ho
10 JKD – Janeman Tere Bina (Solo)

JKD - the man behind great hits such as Ve Ek Tera Pyar ft Nas-T and superb albums like the recent Hadiqa Kiyani album, he is probably one of the most under-rated producers in the UK scene. And this album speaks volumes, the sad thing about it is there was once again no promotion about this album at all, only one video released for the Janeman song which was up on DesiHipHop4Life. There was no release date or no word about the album being released, but thank God here at DesiHipHop4Life we came across this SUPERB album and got our hands on it, so do defiantly check it out and let us know what you think about it.

It has amazing songs ranging from big collabos with Master Saleem and Rafaqat Ali Khan, sad songs, romantic songs, up beat Punjabi rap songs, even a song for the Shia's (Ali Ali), an Arabic remix and much more, do check it out !!!

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Meray Charagar

Meray Charagar OST 2011 by Geo TV amazing Rahat song

Friday, 7 October 2011

Desi Boome - Assi Desi

Desi Boome, reppin the French Desi community. Good vibe, good beatz, video, chorus, the message, the hype and everything else APART from the overall Punjabi lyrics, which are very poor. The simple fact is that his Punjabi is very very poor, it doesn't even make sense what he says, or perhaps his accent is really weird.

JKD - Jaaneman ft Master Saleem

JKD featuring Master Saleem, from his new album

Wadali Brothers - Mai Taan Pini Aa ft Lakhwinder Wadali

Promo, full song and new album coming soon, watch this space

Sartinder Sartaaj - Motiya Chameli

Official HQ Video

Sheera Jasvir - Yaadan

Beautiful song by Sheera Jasvir

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nouman Khalid - Desi Thumka ft Osama Com Laude

Banging up-beat bhangra song by Naouman Khalid and Osama Com Laude, produced by Bilal Saeed, the audio was released on DesiHipHop4Life a while back, download it here

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Raja Kakra - Baba Ji

A great lyricist and a great singer, pointing out social and political issues. Much under-rated, but a Legend in my opinion.

Rahim Shah - Pehle To Kabhi Kabhi Ghum Tha

Tune from back in the dayz, and what a tune it is. Classic !

Adil Omar - Paki Rambo

Hip Hop 100% made in Pakistan, good video too, check it out

Brit Asia Music Awards 2011

Testimony of Brit Asia Music Awards
by DesiHipHop4Life

So it was the night of the 2nd BritAsia TV Music Awards held at the Hammersmith Apollo London.
Should we start with the good news ? There have been some artists who deserved the nominations and winning awards, and this was valid for the 1st Awards held by BritAsia TV last year also, this is significantly more evident when you compare it with the FAKE awards called UK Asian Music Awards which have mostly been won by the Rishi Rich camp (Jaz Dhami, HDhami, Juggy D, Jay Sean, Veronica WTF :O, Mumzy Stranger etc etc) some of them might deserve the awards, not hating, but some of them were awarded when they didn't even release a single song in that particular year, and even a child could see how biased these awards have been year in year out.

The BritAsia Awards on the other hand have been fairer in that department, fixed or not fixed, at least they have awarded some people last year and this year who really deserve an award because they are great musicians. But despite that there is some dodgy business going on here too, after all Desi will always be Desi's, right ? So lets look at this years main award outcomes and comment accordingly.

Best Newcomer Winner: Garry Sandhu
With hits like Sahan Tohn Pyariya, this guy really deserves this award, and compared to the other nominees, this is a well deserved award, hence we rate it. 

Best International Act Winner: Satinder Sartaaj
OH YES!!! Even though there have been legendary nominees in this category such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Gurdas Maan, Sartinder Sartaaj is a legend in the making, and with his album release this year, this award is fully deserved. We at DesiHipHop4Life rate his song and album, named Cheeray Waleya Sartaaj as one of the best if not the best of 2011.

Best Non Asian Producer Winner: Kray Twinz
Rightly so, and especially with the other names in the category, who are the others even ? 

Best Video Winner: Foji's Pumbeeri
haha, remember we released it a while back and rated it for being something different to the usual crap ? well if you haven't seen it yet, click HERE to watch.

Best Male Act Winner: Garry Sandhu 
ermmm what ? I can smell something dodgy here, can you ? He rightfully deserves the Newcomer award as mentioned above, but winning the best male act over Sukhshinder Shinda and Jazzy B ? no way !

Best Urban Asian Music Act Winner: The Truth
Congrats to The Truth, but we would have rather preferred this award going to either Raxstar or Roach Killa, bronze for The Truth in our opinion.

Best Single Winner: Moorni by Panjabi MC
Out of the nominated songs in this category this is well deserved.

Best Album Winner: Gabru Punjab Da by JK
Now here is the verdict: BULLSHIT!!! We downloaded the album, checked it out, and wanted to include the best songs on this site for download as we always do, and guess what there isnt ONE song out of this album on this site ? You wonder why ? Because ALL the songs went to the recycle bin after downloading this crap. I rather salute Sartinder Sartaaj for his album, or Raj Kakra for his mind-blowing album, which are available for download in FULL because each and every song is amazing on these. And the funniest thing about this award is, The Entourage by Aman Hayer was a nominated album LOL, this tells you the whole story of this particular award category, What A Waste!!!

Best Producer Winner: Panjabi MC
This man knows what he is doing, great album, great producer, good job.

Best Songwriter Winner: Jandu Littranwala
We would have liked to see Raj Kakra in the nominees, and he also deserves to receive this award, but unfortunately he was not even nominated, but Sartaaj the great was but didnt win, Jandu Littranwala has won this one.

Overall verdict is now for you to decide, fixed or not, but these Awards have some decent winners for the 2nd year running, however there are some ridiculous nominations and winners as mentioned above, hence the moral of the story is: We Desi's Will Always Be Desi's. And the culture of favouring somebody in particular can not be eliminated from our genes!!!

Other results
Best Club DJ - DJ Kayper
Best Alternative Act - Nasha Experience
Best Female Act - Preeya Kalidas
Best Band - Jazzy B's Band

DesiHipHop4Life signing out, peace !!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Outlandish - No More

Waqas = kid karachi

Lenny= el roble

Isam= amazin amazigh

= Outlandish are back !!!

Masha Ali - Mahia

Masha Ali performing live Mahiya in Awaz Punjab Di, just shows pure talent, great stuff.

Masha Ali - Khanjer

Awaaz Punjab Di 2 winner Masha Ali is back, with the amazing song KHANJER (Weapon in terms of Talwar or Knife etc)

Jihne Mera Dil Luteya - Channa

Channa, the new Punjabi song from the movie Jihne Mera Dil Luteya is right here, starring Gippy Grewal, Neeru Bajwa and Diljit Dosanjh. Download here

Jine Mera Dil Luteya - Fukre

Fukre, the hip new Punjabi song from the movie Jihne Mera Dil Luteya is right here, starring Gippy Grewal, Neeru Bajwa and Diljit Dosanjh. Download this song here

Pacifik - Tumar Liye