Thursday, 31 March 2011

Semi Final of the World Cup 2011 - India vs Pakistan (Analysis)

haha ^

This is a short analysis of todays semi final between arch rivals Pakistan and India in the Cricket World Cup 2011. There was plenty at stake for both nations in the run up to the match which added to the pressure on the sportsmen on both sides.

Pakistan had played so far a brilliant tournament so did  India by beating Australia in the Quater-finals. The match started off well with India batting first and had the luck on its side too when Tendulkars 4-5 catches were missed by the Pakistani fielders. This resulted in a fairly high target to chase for Pakistan at the end which was 260. This was primarily because of the good works of Tendulkar and Sehwag in the beginning. However to the credit of Pakistan, they still played a very good match and were close at the end.

Overall it was a great cricket match, both teams played good cricket, and the atmosphere before and after the match was great. My prediction is that India will win the World Cup 2011, they will have the upper hand in the final in Mumbai but one thing is guaranteed that it will be a cracking match against Sri Lanka.

Moss Da Boss - Badmaash (Gangsta) ft L Kareem & Killah

Monday, 28 March 2011

Sartinder Sartaj - Tappe (Lyrics)

Doh tarran lishk diyan k
main teri nabz vekhi 
tenu marzan Ishq diyan

khara khu te chor aiyan k
DesiHipHop4Life aaj dil kaafa kaafa 
Mahiye nu tohr aiyan

diva bal da banere te k
gali gali tuhn pirdah
veh main aashiq tere te

khote te rassiyan ne k
kachiye kararan diye
gallan kahr jah ke dasiyan ne

khote te taahr paiye k
puhl ve gulaab deya
raatin tere pichey maahr paiye

baaghe vich pital peya k
Mahiye ne menu akh mari
mera hassa nikal geya

hun pehgaiyan takalan ve
vichun teri sukh mangdi 
kadan uthun uthun galan ve

kanda tuth geya tahli da k
patla patang Mahia 
kisa karma vali da

Satinder Sartaj - Tappe

Awesome Tappe by the one and only Satinder Sartaj

Menis - Look At Me Now ft Sef

Deen JanJua - Party ft Mr Capone-E (Trailer)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Waqas Ali vs. Jay Z - Run This Pind

Meri Desi Soldiers
Koi bole Hadippa!!
Salaam ya Namashkar

Waqas Ali (Outlandish) - Apun Ke Mafik

First single from Waqas Ali (Outlandish) new Solo project - "Apun Ke Mafik"

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Saawariya (2007) DVDrip

single link download

Bol 2011 (Trailer)

This looks like another great Pakistani movie that will be out soon. It features the likes of Atif Aslam in the lead role as well as Humaima, Iman Ali and many more, do check out the trailer.

Dj Harvey - Enhi Sohni ft Miss Pooja, General Levy & TS Theer

smashing new tune, big up DJ Harvey

Monday, 7 March 2011


Kulraj Randhawa

Ahsan Bajwa - Sunnah (Emptiness).mp3

Kabir - Ishqe De Rang.mp3

RDB - Akhian ft Nindy Kaur, Blitzkrieg.mp3

RDB - K.I.N.G. ft J Hind.mp3

Satinder Sartaj - Sai.mp3

Satinder Sartaj - Sai

No words can describe this song, simply amazing, watch this great video !!!
Respect to the great Sartinder Sartaj - a legend in the making !

Sona Family - Family Hustle Mixtape (2003)

The good old days, when Sona Family had Usmaan (Ozzy Black) on the board. One of the best UK Asian MC's , its a pity he left them and quit the whole music thing. This album has 2 CD's packed with awesome tunes. CD 1 is full of Bhangra bangers, and CD 2 is pure MCing/Rap. It is a must have for every UK Asian. This is a DesiHipHop4Life exclusive debut album by the Gold family

".....Wilmslow Road to Southall .....this is how we party on Eid and Visakhi...." 
(Punjabi Boyz on CD1 - A MUST HAVE !!!)

Album: Family Hustle, The Mixtape
Artists: Sona Family
Bitrate: 128 kbps mp3

Track Listing:
CD 1
1. Intro
2. Ludihana ft MC Dappa Dan
3. Ganne Chupe Di ft Baba MC
4. Punjabi Boyz ft Ozzy Black aka Usmaan
5. Mela Chalayan ft Suga Harry
6. Yaadan ft Bittu
7. Ludihana (Bad Girl Riddim)
8. Gole Ishq De
9. Hoi (Tabla Mix)
10. Outro Theme


1. Oi
2. Bang Boogie
3. Chole Ke Peche (The Bounce)
4. Snake Flute
5. Girl I Once Loved
6. How Do You Want It
7. So Gone
8. Indian Style
9. T.P
10. What's The Difference
11. Danger


Shizzio - UK Gangsta

Saturday, 5 March 2011

DesiHipHop4Life presents: Best Of Usmaan

Usmaan - was at a time (2000-2005) the best Desi rapper out there in the game, he had done some great stuff underground and was respected in the scene, hence he had collaborated with the biggest names in the respective industries.  He was one of the founding members of Sona Family, he had worked with Klashnekoff, RDB, Indy Sagu and others in the game before that. He retired from the music scene due to personal reasons (he turned religious and got married etc). However he is greatly missed and we at DesiHipHop4Life dont forget real raw talent and will always remember Usmaan. Hence this album has been put togheter with the biggest tunez by Usmaan which feature underground stuff, bhangra stuff, hip hop etc. from albums, freestyles, mixtapes and other sources, this is hardcore dope, go and get it !!!

These tunes are exclusive and nowhere else available on the internet or anywhere (to buy or download).
This is how we does this - DesiHipHop4Life baby !!!

  1. Usmaan - Oi ft Sona Family
  2. Usmaan – Kiddan
  3. Usmaan - How Can I
  4. Usmaan - Jua Kali ft Blitzkrieg, Raxstar
  5. Usmaan - Girl I Once Loved ft Sona Family
  6. Usmaan - How Do You Want It ft Sona Family
  7. Usmaan - So Gone ft Sona Family
  8. Usmaan – Gangsta
  9. Usmaan – Best U Can
  10. Usmaan - What's The Difference ft Sona Family
  11. Usmaan - Asian Radio Freestyle ft Mr Riz
  12. Usmaan - Hai Kuthi ft Sona Family
  13. Usmaan - Kissey Se ft Indy Sagu
  14. Usmaan - Stay Focussed ft Klashnekoff
  15. Usmaan - Hullarey ft RDB, Amar Arshi, MC Coppa
read more about Usmaan here on Wikipedia 

Download these tunes HERE

Ahsan Bajwa - Sunnah

the next big thing from Holland, Produced by Eren-E the same producer for Imran Khan

Kool Savas & Samy Deluxe - OK [Melbeatz]

German Rap, check out these lyrics:

ob ihr es kauft oder brennt, egal des is alles Promotion, ihr kommt nicht klar, labert zuviel und ich versteh den Inhalt nicht mal wie Panjabi MC

whether you buy it or burn it, it doesnt matter cuz its all promotion, you are confused, talk to much and i dont get the content just like in Panjabi MC

Kaler Kanth - Moti

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Satinder Sartaj - Cheerey Wala Sartaaj (2011)

Singer : Satinder Sartaj
Lyrics : Satinder Sartaj
Composer : Satinder Sartaj
Music : Jatinder Shah
Label : Speed Records & MovieBox

Offical Tracklist :
01 Cheery Wala
02 Dil Sabh De Vakhre
03 Daultan
04 Aadmi
05 Bina Mangeon Slaah
06 Hun Der Ni
07 ishqe Lyi Qurbania
08 Dastar
09 Yamaha
10 Motia Chameli

Download this amazing album HERE

Canadian Dream 2011 Trailer

RDB - Akhiyan ft Nindy Kaur, Blitzkrieg

Pusher 2010 (Trailer)

Sartinder Sartaj - Cheeray Waleya (Lyrics)

Joye zallama ve tu na sar lenda,,
yaadan terian tere to changian ne,,
Neendan merian,, terian supneya ne,,
var var ve verian dangian ne,,
Beshak tu parat ke vekhea nahi,
‘SARTAAJ’ reeza suli tangian ne,,
asi fer v chunian chavan diyan tere CHIRE de Vargian Rangian ne,

Mereya chann na chann na ve,
Das tu kikan Manna ve,
kato layian ne dera,
ve me aathru pyi kera,,
tenu wajan payi maara,,
merian minta hazaran,,
paani raavi da wagde,
te tera cheta v thagde,,
tera chira rangvava,,
banke sheesha beh jaava,,
tere sahve o chann na,
je tu aave o chann na,

ve gal sun challea ve,
challea ve,
kehra vatna malea ve,
challa beri da poor A,
vatan mahiye da door A,
jana pehle e poorey,o chire walea…………….

asi puchde rehne a sache rab to,
tu v ta kitho bol ve channa,o chire walea…….
chire walea yaadan da deeva balea,
eh jind chali dol ve manna,o chire walea………

Tera dur kise desh nal nata,
ke sada pind dhakian de ohle,
rule chaavan nu bachavan, neri ghama di to,
bethi aasa thakian de ohle,
raati tarea de nal dukh foliye,
o tu v ta farool ve channa,o chire walea………
chire walea ve kithe ni tenu bhalea,
mitti ch ruh na rol ve chana,o chire walea…….

Sade sadiyan de vangu din bitde,
te khuli rehndi naina wali baari,
hun khabar rahi na aase passe di,
te chari rehndi khayala nu khumari,
dekhi kar na javi tu hera ferian,
eh reezan anbhol ve channa,o chire walea………
chire walea me umara nu talea,

te sahin leya ghol ve chana,o chire walea…….. DesiHipHop4Life

Tere bol rehnde har vele ghoonjde,
te bhore eve cherde rehnde ne,
je umeeda de rumal ute naam kadiye,
ta eh udherde rehnde ne,
ja ta sade kol aja mere meherma,
ja sad sanu kol ve chana,o chire walea………..
chire walea ve loka ne uchalea,
es kisa anmol ve chana,o chire walea………….


Shala rab sacha bhaga wala din deve,
te shagna di raat le ke aave,
me udeeka “SARTAAJ” sade vehre,
kado saj ke baraat le ke aave,
taka kalgi laga ke ghori charea,
khaba ch waje dhol ve chana,o chire walea…….
Chire walea harra kamao bahlea,
ishq sava tol ve chana, o chire walea………..
o chire walea

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mic Righteous - Fire In The Booth

DAMN, watch these 3 freestyles by MIC RIGHTEOUS, and you will not forget this name ever again !!!
real raw talent from the UK, one of the finest and hungriest emcee's out there, hez on FIRE !!!
DesiHipHop4Life baby , u duno !!!

Raxstar - Fading (Lyrics)

Bohemia - Mundiya Tohn Bachke ft Curta-C

it cant get any better....Desi Hip Hop at its finest....The Real Punjabi MC.....The Real Mundiyan Tohn Bachke

The Truth - I Make Em Say (Pinju Freestyle)