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Sunday, 30 January 2011

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Mooz-Lum 2009 Trailer

Mazlum means innocent victim from which the name of the movie has been inspired as Mooz-Lum. It is also an abbreviation of the word Muslim.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Stylish & Sexy

As great as this release is, so is the picture 
Neha Dhupia

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DesiHipHop4Life presents Stylish & Sexy.

Mirza MC - Bedarde ft Akhtar Hussain Akhtar.mp3
Mirza MC's Bedarde ft the amaizing vocals of Akhtar Hussain Akhtar. Great vocals and Lyrics make this a classic romantic ballade. Respect is due where it is deserved. 

Bohemia - Daru Dia Bottla ft D-Beam.mp3
The return of Bohemia with the D-Beam crew from India. Their 1st tune was released on DesiHipHop4Life months back with the highly rated video which you can watch here

SK1 - Ik Vari ft Larynx.mp3
SK1's return after years of hiding has proven worthwhile, he smashes it with the UK Bhangra Song #IK WARI# which promises to be a hit just like the #TERA STYLE# from back in 2002 that became an anthem and led SK1 to rise to respectful recognition in the UK Bhangra scene from critics as well as the fans.

Mumzy - Can I Love Again.mp3
No words can describe this beautiful song, the lyrics speak for itself ! A MUST HAVE

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Nargis Fakhri 

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Bandukan Chakku Churriyan Te Daru Diyan Bottlan

Bohemia - Daru Dia Bottla ft D-Beam.mp3
I guess we have found the January Song Of The Month on DesiHipHop4Life, big B is back with a Banger to start off 2011

Reshma - Lambi Judaai.mp3
from the Bollywood film Hero 1983, classic by a Legendary singer

Sam Khan - Mike Lowery.mp3

Mumzy - Can I Love Again.mp3

more tunez coming soon

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Reshma - Lambhi Judai

Nel Hedayat

Absolute classic from the 1983 Bollywood film Hero from the legendary Reshma ! A must have !

PNOX - The Best Of "The Compilation Mixtape (2006)"

PNOX - DesiHipHop4Life presents The Best Of The Compilation Mixtape 2006

This is a great example of a Hip Hop Mixtape by Urban Desi artists from the US.
Do check it out people, some great stuff on there ! Selected tunez from the mixtape only for you !

This mixtape consists of a group of talented individuals who have accomplished just that. P.Nox Productions consists of Young Pharaoh, P.Nox, Don Revo, G-Deep, D Goode and comedian and host of the mixtape Anu "Raagz" Kalra.


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Urban Desi Radio - Top 15 Desi Artists of the Decade

This list is like no other, something that can only come out once in a decade. These artists shaped the 2000’s with their talent and dedication to the scene. Urban Desi Radio proudly presents the Top 15 Desi Artists of the decade!
15. Atif Aslam
Years Active: 2002- Present
Genres: Hindi, Urdu, Romantic and Rock
Aslam, a Pakistan native, had been widely recognized in the Bollywood scene and has given several hits such as Woh Lamhe, Tere Bin, Kuch Is Tarah, Tera Hoone Laaga Hoon and more. He’s known for his powerful vocal belting technique and ladies… the way he romances in his songs, doesn’t it just make you melt?Bollywood music would be tasteless without him.
14. DJ Sanj
Years Active: 2002- Present
Genres: Bhangra, Punjabi and Hip-Hop
Before DJ Sanj there had  been no artist coming out of the US or Canada with legit Desi tunes and remixes. Sanj  was one of the first Desi artists to represent North America.  He took mainstream loops with Punjabi vocals and made some musical magic.  C’mon admit it, I know you’re still bumping his mixes!
13. Amrinder Gill
Years Active: 2000- Present
Genres: Punjabi, Bhangra, Romance, Hindi Pop
He has one of the most passionate voices in Punjabi music. Guys, if you really want your girl to melt- play one of Arminder Gill’s romantic ballads. Arminder has impressed us with the diversity of music genres incorporated in his songs including: folk-rooted tracks to up-tempo dance tunes for the bhangra lovers, hey… he’s even had a couple rock songs!  A Punjabi artist who experienments with every type of music genre has earned the 13th place on our list!
12. Satinder Sartaj
Years Active: 2003-Present
Genres: Sufi, Folk, Punjabi
Picture 19
Okay fine, he’s an artist most of our parents/grandparents listen to but, they have been raving about this man for a reason. His lyrical poetry revels the glory of mysticism. In fact, his poems have inspired many around the world. Sartaj has taken his sufiana music career to another level by dressing and writing like Warris Shah, a man who gave a new direction to Punjabi literature. Looks like Sartaj may be on same path, looking to change the world.
11. Lehmber Hussainpuri
Years Active: 2001-Present
Genres: Punjabi and Bhangra
It’s a talented voice you can’t fail to recognize. Lehmber first appeared on the bhangra scene in collaboration with Dr. Zeus on the album Unda the Influence. Lehmber’s voice became a hit with both traditional and modern bhangra fans. We can’t forget his most notable tracks: Ah Ni Kuriye, Das Ja, Saadi Gali, Seetiyan and the worldwide smash hit Desi Rock. Hit after hit Lehmber stays in the spotlight!
10. MC Metz and Trix
Years Active: 2000-Present
Genres: Urban Desi
Picture 19
These two MCs became the hottest duo to hit the Urban Desi music scene in the UK. After teaming up with big names like Surinder Rattan, RDB, Mac G and others they quickly gained status as the ‘Red man & Method Man’ of the Desi music scene. With hits like Tappe,Ambarsariya,Aja Mahi and more, this duo proved they wont back down from what they do best, rap and MC!
9. Swami
Years Active: 2000- Present
Genres: Pop, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Bhangra and Rock
The world hasn’t seen a band like this yet. Tell me where can you get a partially Desi band who keep their traditional sense yet, break the barriers of typical pop music. Do you remember the phrase ‘Desi Rock’? Well, that phrase originated by Swami music! Their album Desi Rock was voted a BBC Radio 1 favorite which then, launched their career into orbit. They have been producing fresh-desi-neofunk beats ever since. UDR loves raw music and artists, thus placing them for #9 on our list.
8.  Dr. Zeus
Years Active: 2001-Present
Genres: Bhangra, Punjabi and Urban Desi
Picture 21
You’ve probably danced to all his hit singles: Gwandian Da Dhol, Kangna, Ah Ni Kuriye, Sat Sri Akal, Assi Haan Punjabi and more. If Lehmber is singing over a sick beat, it’s probably Zeus and in the background making some music magic. Zeus has the ability to take traditional Punjabi lyrics and music and merge them into something so hip and modern. Zeus is a talented producers, I’m sure you all can’t wait for what he has coming up next!
7. Raghav
Years Active: 2003- Present
Genres- Pop, Hindi Pop
His voice sounds like it’s coming out of some old raagi’s mouth but, the funny thing is he’s a young guy with a enourmous voice. He hails out of Canada, was vocally trained in Los Angles and now resides in the UK- this proves that Raghav is surely all over the map and verfies his worldwide fame. With over 1.3 million records sold worldwide, Raghav has raised the bar for Desi-pop artists.
6.Miss Pooja
Years Active: 2006-Present
Genres: Bhangra and Punjabi
She’s known as “The Duet Queen.” If you happen to come across someone blasting bhangra music, most likely it’s a duet sung by Miss Pooja. She’s produces hit after hit and you know you can’t get enough of her flirty and fun duets. It’s a relief to see female artists putting in much time and effort to reach the top! Girl Power!
5. Juggy D
Years Active: 2004- Present
Genres: Punjabi, Bhangra, Urban Desi
Thanks to Rishi Rich, Juggy D made his debut alongside Jay Sean. Juggy D has been the face of the UK Bhangra  scene ever since he broke through in 2004. Not only has he collaborated with his fellow peers but, has worked with big names like Madonna, Ricky Martin and Craig David. Let’s not forget his guest apperrences in a couple Bollywood films, this guy was a hit and will continue to be!
4.  Imran Khan
Years Active:
Genre: Punjabi and Urban Desi
Picture 23
We started warming up to him after his hit single, ‘Ni Nachleh’ and since then, we can’t stop bumping his beats! Although he has only had one album, Imran Khan has taken the Desi music scene by storm. His album Untouchable came out in 2009 with his catchy tune ‘Amplifier’ which, has been playing in every corner of the world, with youngsters and adults alike! Imran Khan has put Holland on the map!
3. Bohemia
Years Active: 2002-Present
Genre: Punjabi, Urdu and Desi Hip-Hop
Picture 20
Critically  acclaimed as the ‘pioneer of Desi hip-hop’, Bohemia has set a standard for artists rapping in Punjabi and Urdu. After 3 hit albums: Vich Pardesan De, Pesa Nasha Pyar and The Rap Star, Bohemia has made his mark in the Desi music industry even, and even in Bollywood! Bohemia will continue to wow us with his rhymes and urban flavor.
2. RDB
Years Active: 2001-Present
Genre: Punjabi, Bhangra and Urban Desi
This list wouldn’t be complete without the most popular bhangra brothers on the scene. Ever since they step foot onto the plate, they’ve always brought a new sound with them and created their own type of genre of music. Teaming up with big names like Akshay Kumar, Snoop Dogg and others has definitely put them on our top three.
1. Jay Sean
Years Active: 2003- Present
Genre:  R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop
The first ever Desi to sign with one of the biggest records labels in the world. You can’t beat that, can you? Not only has this guy been a favorite with the Desi folks but, now he has made a name for himself in mainstream music. After being signed with Cash Money records, this guy has been flying high on the clouds of fame! If your rubbing  shoulders with Lil Wayne, Birdman and others alike, your doing something right. That’s why Mr. Kamaljit Jhooti has earned our #1 spot.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Saturday, 15 January 2011

DJ Sanj - Talaak

M.Y.Z - Kush (Blue Mist Remix)

So Gone

Katrina Kaif

DJ Sanj - Talaak.mp3

brand new tune by DJ Sanj , hot tune !

Sona Family - So Gone.mp3

Sona Fam tune from back in the dayz with Usmaan 

Tdot's finest Fijian - Pacifik feat Daku on the mic

Jasmine feat Asi Khan from Norway

NY's Pakarmz with Trailblazers UK

some wicked older stuff by Desi Hip Hop artists from around the globe, check em out

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Nas-T - Gal Sun ft Man-E

DesiHipHop4Life Awards 2010

DesiHipHop4Life Song Of The Year 2010

***Gitta Bains - Weapon ft Bohemia***

2. Raghav - So Much ft Kardinall Offishall
3. Babbu Maan - Mitti 
4. Panjabi MC - Dil Mor De ft Javed Bashir
5. Kamal Raja & Jasz Gill - Like A Star

DesiHipHop4Life Album Of The Year 2010

***Roach Killa - Revelution***

2. The Bilz - Breaking Barriers
3. Gitta Bains - Weapon
4. Babbu Maan - Ekam
5. Various - Mel Karade Rabba

2011 - No Mercy

Divya Bahrti

Mirza MC - Bedarde ft Akhtar Hussain Akhtar.mp3
awesome song from the Wicked N Wild album previously uploaded on DesiHipHop4Life,
a real contender for the first song of the month of 2011, great vocals and lyrics ! do check out Akhtar Hussain Akhtar's other song from the same album called Jag Saara, great singer, much respect !

G-Deep - Nach Lai ft Sanjay & Cappadonna.mp3
banging tune straight outta the US - G-Deep feat Wu Tang Clan's Cappadonna

Major Sandhu - Pondan Pichhe ft Harleen Akhtar.mp3
not everyone's cup of tea, only for the hardcore Desi's out there "£££ pichay tu marday'n" pure jokes lol

Manpreet Sandhu - Moti Akh ft Dr Zeus, Lil Locks.mp3

Manpreet Sandhu - Roohan ft Dr Zeus.mp3
Zeus is back, whit his first production for 2011, annoying thing about is that his production is so typical but the surprising thing about it is that BLUDY WORKS STILL lool, 2 bangin tunez rite there

Nirmal Sidhu - Yaar (Electric).mp3
UK Bhangra's most wanted at the moment < Nirmal Sidhu > Yaar Pounge Bhangra Duniya Tahr Tahr Nachu Ghi !!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mirza MC - Wicked N Wild (2010)

1. Cham Cham - JKD,Mirza MC Feat Cheshire Cat
2. Bedarde - Akhtar Hussain Akhtar , Mirza Mc
3. Nain Mutyaare - Major Mahuwalia , Mirza Mc
4. Mithra Da - Smethwick wallai , Mirza Mc
5. Kare Siftha - Major Mahuwalia , Gurlej , Mirza Mc Feat cheshire Cat
6. Teda Teda - Amrit Singh , Mirza Mc
7. Jag Saara - Akhtar Hussain Akhtar , Mirza Mc
8. Hai Hai - Iffi-K , Mirza Mc Feat Cheshire Cat
9. Gori Gal - Amrit Singh , Mirza Mc
10 Kangna - Khadija Hyder Feat Mc Oz & Mirza Mc

Bohemia vs Bally Sagoo

Bohemia's beef with Bally Sagoo, reply through freestyle by B.

Panjabi MC - Moorni

Nirmal Sidhu - Yaar (Electric) ft Unique Soundz Roadshow