Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bollywood - MegaRemix

MegaMix only available on DesiHipHop4Life including Shazia Manzoor, Bollywood mixes etc etc
do check it out !

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Vote for Song of the month MARCH 2010

Vote using CONTACT US form or simply COMMENTING under this for any song released on this blog in March ! 

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Punjabi Totay - Husband Wife Fights

absolutley brilliant work from the Punjaagi Totay team, these 2 clips are classics, do watch them

Hashar - Chandighar Boli Pendi Nachu Gha Lahore Sara

wicked song, do check it out, from the movie Hashar by Babbu Maan

Hashar 2008 (PDVDrip)

Joe Maan - Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai (Remix)

wicked remix, mp3 comin soon

Atta Ullah Khan - Ishq Pawaiyan Zanjeeran (2010)

  1. Mar Ke Vi Seene Laiyan Chithian
  2. Mohabbat Mein Yaro Ye Kaisa Maza Hai
  3. Ishq Pawaiyan Zanjeeran
  4. Asan Uff Na Kita
  5. Kam Pe Gaya Zaroori Tere Naal
  6. Pardesia
  7. Mohabatan Vich Vichorey 
  8. Panian Ne Lutiya 

Download this album by clicking here ISHQ PAWAIYAN ZANJEERAN Vol 122 
Atta Ullah Khan holding the world record for an artist releasing more albums then anyone out there 

Friday, 26 March 2010

Gtown Desi - Peerh

didnt i tell you to remember the name GTOWN DESI !

Khiza presents Jay - Jeena Mera feat Aly Hash

Vaada Raha ...I Promise (2009)




Bobby Deol and Kangna Ranaut DVDrip

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lowkey & Immortal Technique - Voices Of The Voiceless

wicked song for the real rap lovers out there. download mp3 HERE, absolutely brilliant

Chorus (Lyrics)
What happens under darkness shall come to light,
Can't silence us even though you try,

You can try to avoid us but it's pointless
You can never avoid the voices of the voiceless

Take our freedom, Can't take our pride,
Come what may we will survive,

You can try to avoid us but it's pointless,
You can never avoid the voices of the voiceless

Amar - Sajna

G-Deep - Nain Sharabi ft Mobb Deep (HQ mp3)

 Its another one of them DesiHipHop4Life web exclusives ! G-Deep Mesmerizing Eyes feat Havoc of Mobb Deep, click HERE to download it !

Metz & Trix - We Can Leave Now

Right On

Neha Dhupia

Mr Capone-E - Stilettos

"Show That Paki Some Love"

Mr Capone-E - Three of the Best From the West ft Snoop Dogg,The Game
the title says it all, BIG collabo featuring THE GAME and SNOOP DOGG !

Mr Capone-E - Light My Fire ft Snoop Dogg

smash hit of 2010 - featuring Snoop Dogg - LIGHT MY FIREEEE

Nishawn Bhullar - Hummer

minu mere dady puche: kaka tu ki khateya ? main keya : ji dady meri hale meri shuruat eh, waday lokan nal haje honi mulaqat eh, minu ta'n chai-diye tuhadi hala-sheri, hun aghi meri wari main ta'n leya duhn nehriiiiiiiiiiiiii

Nishawn Bhullar - Scooty

sounds like it would be a song by Lupe Fiasco

Pacifik - Bow Down

another Fijian rapper from Tdot, check this tune out

Monday, 22 March 2010

DesiHipHop4Life - do i need to say more ?

Shilpa Shetty

Raxstar on the tune, jus kills it ! gud overall song ! with Sam n RKZ doin their bit

Raxstar - Name On The Poster

brand new Raxstar tune 2010 this is how its done, radio rip, cd rip comin soon

Bohemia - Maar Chadapa ft Sirpunj

Bohemia feat Mika n Sirpunj, DesiHipHop4Life  - do i need to say more ?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

iQ - The Rebirth (2009)

  1. Good Over Evil
  2. Tryst With Destiny
  3. India Girl ft. Manasee Vyas
  4. Chura Liya
  5. Shaan
  6. Dhakta Rahe ft. Ishmeet Narula
  7. Maa ft. Manasee Vyas 
  8. Boldiyan ft. DezertEagle & Ent2Raj
  9. Chalo ft. Bohemia
  10. Dance To Your Beat ft. DezertEagle & Manasee Vyas
  11. Innocent ft. DezertEagle
  12. Rain ft. Ishmeet Narula
  13. Oh My God
  14. Look The Other Way
  15. Duad!

Another DesiHipHop4Life web exclusive - The Rebirth by iQ - including the smash hits Daud, Chalo ft Bohemia and many more - do check it out ! download link :

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sukshinder Shinda - Fatal Attraction

1. Sona Sona (Eshara) ft Harmesh Meshi, Shazia Manzoor
2. Chori Chori ft Shazia Manzoor
3. Odh Li Chumariya Tere Naa Ki ft Shazia Manzoor
4. Aati Hai To Chal ft Shazia Manzoor
5. Mere Humsafar ft Shazia Manzoor
6. Lal Paramai ft Shaukat Ali

Music by Sukshinder Shinda

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

kool desi rap tunez

Feroz - Love In The Box ft Zubi

Feroz - I'm

Feroz - Bring The Money Home ft Yelawolf

big tunes from a great new addition to Desi Hip Hop, New Jerseys very own FEROZ ! do check him out

Zaheer - Fly Away ft Raxstar, Swami Baracus, Arjun

DJ Dips - This DJ ft MC Rax, Menis, RKZ, Horizon & Swami Baracus

big UK tunez, with some of the finest brit asian emcees

3 Singhs - Been
3 Singhs consisting of Sonny Brown, Deep Cold and Teflon Don, is the latest formation of a Desi Hip Hop clan, this is a worldwide exclusive only on DesiHipHop4Life !

Monday, 8 March 2010

Shazia Manzoor - Tu Badal Gaya (2010)

1 Tu Badal Gaya Sajna        
Music By: Skshinder Shinda

2 Tur Gaya Larkay           
Music By: Punjabi Lab

3 Usko Rok Lo ft Madan Maddi            
Music By: Sukshinder Shinda

4 Akhiyan Roiyan Sari Raat            
Music By: Bhota Jagpal

5 Larkay Larkay     
Music By: Sahir Ali

6 Mahi Mereya Ve
Music By: Sahir Ali

7 Lak De Hularay 
Music By: Sahir Ali

8 Mang Vey         
Music By: Sahir Ali

9 Chuti Muk Gayi          
Music By: Bhota Jagpal

10 Sohneya Teray Bajon     
Music By: Sahir Ali

Download by clicking HERE

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Blitz Juggy n Roach in the Studio

Roach Blitz n Juggy messin around the studio, check it out, hope to see gud new stuff from them

Thursday, 4 March 2010

GTown Desi - Lok Tath

absolutely wicked tune, big up GTown Desi, comin big, waiting for good things from Glasgow's slick new producers !!! remember the name GTOWN DESI