Sunday, 31 May 2009

The album of the summer - Khiza Turning Point - out 20th June 09

20 smash hit album by Khiza called Turning Point wil be out this summer. check out the first video from the albums songs featuring Omer Nadeem, a 19 year old singer from Lahore.
click on the poster to enlargen it, the album will feature Abrar ul Haq, Suman, ZeeKay, Omer Nadeem, Hadiqa Kiani and many many more...

Friday, 29 May 2009

Inside Your Mind

Gaup Saundz - Afreen
big up Kenya :D

KatEyez - Inside Your Mind
dope tune, no wonder the title of this release has been named after it

Dalvinder Singh - Gidhe Vich Nachdi (Summer Mix)
fresh new mix from the brand new album of Dalvinder Singh

Raja Wilco - Try To Take My ft Swami Baracus, AG Dolla
big Desi collabo

D-Souljaz - Desi Guy Like Me
Gangster rap straight outta Dehli, wicked tune big u BIR the Punjabi rapper, check it out

Sir Aah - I Wonder If The Lord Knows ft Crooked I, Royce da 5'9"
big collabo , big up Sir Aah 

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tigerstyle - Son Of A Sardar ft Kanwar

Great song, great video, a pride and must have song for all Sikhs, as well as those who appreciate good music and tolarete other religions.

Tigerstyle - Son Of A Sardar ft Kanwar

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Monday, 25 May 2009

Bohemia - Kali Denali (DJ Chintu Club Mix)

Ma man DJ Chintu from Houston does it again, another bangin remix of Bohemia. and of course DesiHipHop4Life does it again too by bringing you a brand new mix exclusively to you ;)
check it out, feedback appreciated !

Bohemia - Kali Denali (Club Mix) by DJ Chintu

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Event: Bohemia Da Rap Star Live In Pakistan

12th June 2009 Faislabad

13th June 2009 Lahore 

14th June 2009 Karachi

FOR INFO CALL 0322-474-5555 / 0322-473-5555
more details to follow...keep it locked

Adil Omar feat Cypress Hill

Desi Hip Hop Takin Ova !!!!!!!!!!!
LA to Islamabad

Adil Omar - Takeova ft B-Real (Cypress Hill)
tune is off the hook ! a must have !

789 Crew - Are You Ready

Bringing you the smashing new album by the 789 Crew.

  1. Are You Ready 
  2. Baby Girl ft Junaid
  3. Day n Nite (Sheesha Mix)
  4. Hum Teri Mohabat
  5. Love Sick ft SnR, Junaid
  6. Maybe ft Junaid
  7. My Lady ft (RnB Mix) ft Arjun

Friday, 22 May 2009

new update for my Desi Hip Hopperzzzz

DJ U-Khan - Megamix Des-C UK Hits 09

DJ Vybzz - Desi Rewind 
both are Megamixes of some uk bhangra hits

Jay Sean - Down ft Lil Wayne 
or should i say featuring "bander" :) 

Gaupz Saund - Heer (Take Me Home Mix) ft AG Dolla
fuck uk bhangra, the shit thats comin out with all the hype, Kenya is takin ova baby !!! wot a tune !

Raxstar - Dreams Of You ft RKZ (Prod. by Zaheer)
man, dope tune, big up n respect for my man Raxstar another fav after "my prespective" will release that one also soon, this is pure talent, beautiful lyrics, great song

Kami K bringing together UK rappers

Kami K bringing the biggest UK rappers on ONE track,  in correct line up,
AG Dolla, VEE, KanD, Drilla Kid, Swami Baracus, Raxstar, AC, Menis, Asian Dialekt, Adot, Jeet

Yo ma brothers listen ! united we stand, divided we fall, we must universally combine through One race One tounge One Blood 

The message is simple, keep it Desi, keep it ONE LOVE !!! This is a Desi Hip Hop anthem a must have, finally they made a video too for this one !

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Soni Pabla (R.I.P.) - When Iam Gone (Remix)

Soni Pabla - Punjab / When Iam Gone ft Eminem (Remix)
awesome remix , lyrics, everything about it !!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sona Family - Make Some Noise

Artist: Sona Family
Album: Make Some Noise
Bitrate: 320 kbps mp3

Track Listing:
1. Chak De - Feat. DJ Sharad
2. Taali
3. Everything - Feat. Jehaan - Ara
4. More Glassy
5. Crazy 4 Ya (Dil Dewanna)
6. Secret Rendezvous - Feat. Jehaan - Ara
7. Get On Down
8. Hai Kuthi
9. Want Some Luv
10. Kala Paisa
11. Tare Tooteh - Feat. Jehaan - Ara
12. Hey Hey

part 1:

part 2:

Monday, 18 May 2009

Sona Family - 100 Rupees

The Sona Family mixtape 100 Rupees was released in November 2004.

Album: 100 Rupee Mixtape
Artist: Various
Production: Harry Sona, Ozzy Sona, Mr Riz & JC
Bitrate: 200+ VBR mp3

Track Listing:
1 The Phone Call
2 The1$hanti - Don't Lie
3 Terror Squad - Lean Back (Remix)
4 Desi Hits Radio
5 Nathan Come Into My Room (Remix) feat. Mr Riz
6 Voodoo Doll (2) - Back And Forth
7 Blow Out Records
8 Mr Riz - Relax 'n Party
9 Mr Riz - Electric
10 Mili Brothaz - Nasty Girl feat Usmaan
11 Southall Bootlegger
12 Sona Family Fast 'n Furious feat. Basix (2) & Blitzkreig
13 Deep AKA Da1 - Burning Hot feat. Mr Riz
14 The Guest List
15 J-Kwon - Tipsy (Remix)
16 Rival Skit
17 Hard Kaur - Glassy
18 Dr Tantra
19 Rhian Benson - Say How I Feel (Remix) feat. Slum Village
20 Boogie B - Love Sick
21 Boogie B - What The Hell
22 The Drive Thru
23 Roach Killa - Overdose feat. Skelitor
24 Radio Ad
25 Bansai Ria - Naiyon Dil Lagda

Azad - Assassin

Azad - Assassin

01. weg des assassin (titelmusik) 01:28
02. bandog feat dj rafik 02:55
03. guerilla feat rakim 03:59
04. assassin feat 439 & dj rafik 03:28
05. 300 feat tone & dj rafik 03:28
06. rocky feat hanybal & dj rafik 03:05
07. stacheldraht feat warheit 04:08
08. detonation feat dj rafik 03:22
09. klagelied (wie lang) feat tino oac 03:36
10. was anderes feat kool savas 02:58
11. zu laut feat manuellsen 02:52
12. actionmuzik feat jeyz hanybal 03:15
13. feuer & wind feat manuellsen 03:37
14. armageddon 03:06
15. der letzte augenblic 01:27

Azad - Assassin

download Jeyz - Blut Schweiss Und Traenen here:

Desi's may ignore this release :)

Bohemia - Da Rap Star - Dil - Lyrics

Bohemia - Vich Pardesan Deh - In the foreign land - Lyrics

BBC - Bangin Bollywood Choonz

Zaf & Naz - Maahi ft Flo Rida
hottest bollywood remix ive heard this year, big up Zaf n Naz

Zaf & Naz - Yeh Ishq Hai Part 2 (Remix) ft Sean Kingston
dun like the shity bollywood song in that one, but the beat n Sean Kingston's part is great

Zaf  & Naz - Saathiya ft Adnan Sami Khan (Push It Remix)

Nas-T - Rab Dikhta Hai (Remix)

Jagjit Singh - Koi Fariyad (Remix)

Introducing: Nivla (Rapper)

Nivla is a talented South Indian rapper born and raised in New York. He's made headlines with his song Be Easy (Koi Naa) featuring P Oberoi, the song was played by Nike in their stores worldwide as well as on their website. This song also made in it 2008 to the top 3 for the Superbowl final comptetition, and was almost voted to be number 1, the winning song gets played during the commercial break of the superbowl final which is watched in the US by more then 50 million viewers, maybe the Desi crowds support was missing. But now that you know, watch out for Nivla ! and we wish him better luck next time, Desi Hip Hop 4 Life !

Nivla - Be Easy (Koi Naa) ft P Oberoi

Nivla - Never Love Again ft Karishma

The Bilz - This Is Why Im Hot (Dirty Remix) ft Nivla

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The ultimate sheesha choooooooon

big up the 789 Crew reppin East London, brap !!!
wicked sheesha tune, defo there was such tune missin in the market ey
Atlantico Cafe Plaistow/Stratford East London

789 Crew - Day 'N' Nite (Shisha Mix)

Nadia Ali - The Trance Princess

Desi Hip Hop 4 Life proudly presents an awesome trance/techno/electro/dance remix by the one and only Nadia Ali, who is a big name in the techno world for those who dont know ! This remix is by DJ Shah of her latest song Crash n Burn, its off the hook, check it out !

Nadia Ali - Crash n Burn (DJ Shah Magic Island Remix)

Friday, 15 May 2009

DesiHipHop4Life - Big Collaboz

Desi Hip Hop 4 Life proudly presents the biggest Desi Hip Hop album to date. It features the biggest Desi collaborations with mainstream artists from the UK and US featuring the biggest names in the Desi scene.  A must have album for EVERY Urban music fan. One Love !
Haterz keep talking shit we Desi's gonna take over the globe

  1. Bohemia -  Favourite Spot ft Sin & Snoop Dogg
  2. Sir Aah - Tax Free Paradise ft Royce Da 5'9, ROE, Carrlly
  3. Deep - Bang Yo Head ft Big Pokey
  4. JHind - I Do It ft Snoop Dogg
  5. Lazarus - Born to Die ft Royce Da 5'9
  6. Jihad - We Want Peace ft Colored I, Ya Boy, Bellywize, Chali 2na, Rakaa, Trick Trick, Nazy
  7. Kidd Skilly - Ni Sohniye ft Akon
  8. Kray Twinz  - What We Do ft Twista, Lethal B
  9. Khiza - Baby (Dil Deewana) ft Shayal,Ginuwine
  10. Mr Capone-E - Light My Fire ft Snoop Dogg
  11. Usmaan - Stay Focussed ft Klashnekoff
  12. Notorious Jatt - Hoi Hoi ft C.O.V
  13. Bohemia - Keep It G ft Kurrupt (dpg)
  14. Raghav - My Kinda Girl ft Redman
  15. RDB - Singh Is Kingh ft Snoop Dogg & Akshay Kumar
I should sell such great album for a tenner at least, but here you go, maybe you can "pay" me by promoting this album and Desi Hip Hop, spread the word ! Feedback via comments is appreciated.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

DesiHipHop4Life - Song of the Month - May

WE WANT PEACE - featured in "The National Newspaper" :
"Gaza rap track is an internet hit" - The National Newspaper

A peace song written and recorded by a Dubai-based rapper in response to the recent conflict in Gaza has become an internet hit.

The track, We Want Peace, was recorded by Nasir Akmal, who performs under the name of Jihad.

He collaborated with several US musicians to put together the song, which aims to draw attention to the situation in Gaza and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a whole.

The National reported on Akmal’s project in January, when the artists were beginning the recording. It was completed last month.

Yesterday it was the fourth most popular song on the hip-hop website, where it has been played more than 70,000 times. In total, it has been played or downloaded more than 100,000 times.

“It’s a blessing to see so many people getting behind the song and its message,” said Akmal. “To witness this success really reinforces that pushing a positive message still has its place in our world today.”

The idea for the track came after Akmal saw images of dying Israeli and Palestinian children during the Israeli assault on Gaza in December and January. “I had to at least try and do something about it,” he said. “Now our song is out there.”

It has also been crowned DesiHipHop4Life song of the month - May 2009.

Make Sure U Check It Out & Spread The Word!

download here:

song feat Crooked I, Chali 2na, Rakka Iriscience, Bellywize, Trick Trick, Ya Boy and Nazy
Check out his profile and more tunez on this link :

Sunday, 10 May 2009

New Bangin Tunez

Outlandish - Rock All Day
from the album: "Sound of A Rebel" out tomorrow

Jean Sean - Tonight (Dubai Remix) by DJ Shadow
funny intro : "oh gana te lah p****da" , full quality mp3

Day 26 - Loving U (Prod by Vex Music)
RnB lovers going to luv this one, watch out for Vex !

Sam K - You Got Told ft Illamadi, 789 Crew
reppin London mandem, B-B-B-BSomebody !!!

Sona Family - Taali Bajao (Dj Shadow Remix)
ultimate dancefloor party banger !!!

Sonny Brown - Im Back
ma man Sonnyz smashin new tune

Dj Shadow - Club Vich (Remix) ft Dj Dev
Bhangra meets club dance 

(links fixed and fully working ! )

Bohemia - Da Rap Star - Sahara Lab De - Lyrics

Bohemia - Da Rap Star - Diwana - Lyrics

Desi Hip Hop 4 Life Anthem

Desi Hip Hop artists coming togheter on one bangin tune, a must have anthem for every Desi Hip Hip fan. check out the line up Bohemia, J-Hind, Deep Cold, Kamla Punjabi, Sonny Brown, Teflon Don.


Friday, 8 May 2009

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki

Mindblowing new song (2009) by the Master himself. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Introducing: JHind

J-Hind , the name suggests that even though Desi's live in the foreign land, they have not forgotten their roots, and neither should they, because we can be proud of what we are, we got culture, history, music, etc we've got every reason to be proud of.

You must have heard JHind spitting ryhmes on Bohemia's Da Rap Star and along side with B on the Bollywood song 8x10. But there are bigger and better things yet to come. J-Hind features in the brand new video of Bohemia for Charso Bees (420) as well as working on his debut album via Universal Records, and check this he is coming out with tunez featuring none other than Snoop Dogg and a song called Khamoshi featuring The Game !!! You know where you heard it first watch out for more mp3s and much more soon. Check out this video of the song Hey Ram with Bohemia in it, quality stuff there, Hindi rap baby !!!

Legend In The Mix - Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan - Peer Tere Jaan Di (Remix)
duno who did this remix but whoever is behind this remix, salute to him, what an awesome remix, what a song !

Gurdas Maan - Rabba ft The Desi Cartel (Aya Nappa Mix)
2Step Garage mix

Gurdas Maan - Challa ft Panjabi MC
probably everyone knows this one, a classic !

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

DesiHipHop4Life Update

Keep it locked to DesiHipHop4Life, its just going to get bigger and better with your support. All links are fully working, copy n paste em to your browsers if you are experiencing any problems.  Spread the word, update your myspace/facebook and other networking sites with the link of this site:

Exclusive stuff from the biggest artists coming for the work so far is welcomed as well as suggestions for improving it and promoting it effectively.

Sunday, 3 May 2009 - Best Remixes

You gonna luv each and every one of them remixes, check out the videos too.

Mentor - Lagian ft Rafaqat Ali Khan

Jinx - Gal Sun ft 2Pac (DJ Irfy Remix)

Aman Hayer - Tharti Hildi (Baba Khan Remix)  

Majid Khan aka DJ Maj - Luddi ft Sikz MC (Tribute to Noor Jahan) 

Naseebo Lal - Jadoon Holi Jaiye (DJ Jagga & MC Paki Remix)

Bohemia - 3 Freestylez

3 exclusive Bohemia freestylez in one mp3, nowhere but only on DesiHipHop4Life :)
check out the awesome Street Rap Poetry by the Badshah of Punjabi Rap.

"minu dil da tarazu leh ke jagh naal tohl-lawo , mera raaz ki apay tusi khol-lawo" 

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Imran Khan - Sare Tare (Exclusive Release)

Exclusive release for all, here is the full mp3 of the brand new Imran Khan song Sare Taare.

check it out, and keep it locked to

Friday, 1 May 2009

Hot Spring Sinlges - AG Dolla, KatEyez, Plain, Saq

DesiHipHop4Life bringing you some brand new singles from Urban Desi artists all around the world.

AG Dolla - Border Control
"Mr Shah" the album comin out soon

AG Dolla - Arranged Marriage feat Mentor
applicable to every Desi lol

Blitzkrieg - Time 2 Educate (Saq Remix)
deep bass mix by Saq

KatEyez - Hey Love
reppin Canada

Plain - How We Go feat Furious
Fijian dude reppin California