Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Introducing : Jihad (Rapper)

This is exactly what this blog is for, desi talent that many of us never have heard of. But now we will reach out to the whole world with new talents coming through, and for those who think that "wottt desi rapper" , "must be shit", "wanabe kala (black)" to them i would like to say that they dont have any clue whatsoever what Hip Hop music is all about. Hip Hop is a urban thing, and these days if you live in places like, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Toronto, London etc. you are part of it, and you have every right to express yourself in the form of Rap to speak out your mind and produce music, so our Desi people should stop being cynical and enjoy our Desi muisc with PRIDE, the latinos do the white people do the black people do, and now they are even featuring Desi artists, why would they if Desi's would lack the talent ? and why should we Desi's hesitate to listen to our people with pride and joy ? doesnt make any sense to me.

Take Jihad as an example, in his career so far Jihad has defeated BET's Freestyle Friday Hall of Famer and Ruff Ryder signee Jin The MC as well as being featured in the Source Magazine as their On The Radar MC in March.

Enjoy the following tunes from JIHAD, and am sure you'll be back for more, more of his stuff will be released here, for the time being here are some wicked tunez, check em out and let me know what you think.

Jihad feat Mark Spitz - Damn (Prod Pakman)

Jihad - New York (Prod. Khalil Ansari)

Jihad - Where Dey At (Prod. Big 4D)

Jihad - All You Hear Iz (Prod. J Classic)

Jihad - These Children ft Tracey Lane, Diamyn (Prod. Pakman)
Dj Warrior Remix (Famous Westcoast DJ)

Jihad - Breathe No More (Prod. J Classic)

Jihad - We Want Peace ft Coored I, Ya Boy, Bellywize, Chali 2na, Rakaa Irisience Trick Trick & Nazy

2nd most played song on major hip hop website, wicked tune !!!

check these tunez out, am sure ull like it, and watch out for more introductions to desi rappers!


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